San Francisco

The Production

Gutenberg! The Musical

June 10-26, 2010

Beards Beards Beards

The Exit Theatre

156 Eddy St.

San Francisco, CA 94102

Cast: Joey Price as Bud

Austin Ferris as Doug

Directed by Amanda Dolan

What's the Word?

"Dropping in any more transcribed jokes out of context seems pointless, since so much of what sells these jokes is the full-on genuineness projected through the characters. But, suffice it to say, this thing is funny, and it will make an impression on you (with a printing press, get it?!)."

-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Yes, I laughed almost unkuhntrollably when Helvetica (Ferris), imprisoned in the tower, beneath a roof of “dirty thatch,” sings a soulful solo, and the rats (Price in falsetto, à la Alvin and The Chipmunks) join in. I won’t give the finale away, but will offer this lyrical hint, rhyming trouble … with rubble … with The Gutenbubble … is going to burst."

-Felt and Wire

The Trip

Who: Lori, Jen, Aimee, Dana

What: 3 days of air, land, and sea

Where: Best Western Tuscan Inn

When: June 23-26, 2010

Why: Because people's hearts were left there.

Lori's Blubberings - San Francisco!

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What's Our Word?

This review is basically going to be a love letter to director, Amanda Dolan and performers, Austin Ferris and Joey Price. They are geniuses. If you ever happen to be in an area where they are involved in a project -- go see it. It will be brilliant. We are not kidding.

In attending these different regional productions, there are usually times here and there where we see the script interpreted in a different way and we nod our heads and say, yes, that is a great addition. In this show, that happened every 2-3 minutes. We won't give anything away because in a perfect world, they’ll perform this show again and we don't want to ruin the surprise, but lets just say the welcome back dance party clap session at the beginning of Act 2 wasn’t even the highest point of this show’s brilliance.

Amanda, Austin, and Joey, we loved this show more than any other show we’ve ever seen ever. Seriously.

Grade: A+