The Production

Gutenberg! The Musical!

October 5-26, 2008

New Repertory Theatre

321 Arsenal St.

Watertown, MA

Cast: Brendan McNab as Bud

Austin Ku as Doug

Directed by: Stephen Nachamie

What's the Word?

The world didn't exactly need "Gutenberg! The Musical." But now that we've got it, we can be grateful - especially in these grim days - for a show that just wants to make us laugh, and succeeds. -Boston Globe

"So, with a lack of sharp wit, no transcendent song that offers a glimmer of talent and no moment that sheds some light on the human condition or even makes you empathize with Bud and Doug, "Gutenberg!" leaves us with a few jokes stretched on an overly long frame. That means that "Gutenberg!" doesn’t satirize bad musicals, it just emulates them." -EDGE Boston

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The Trip

Who: Lori, Jen, and Tricia

What: A 3-day travel excursion

Where: The Red Roof Inn, Saugus, MA

When: October 11-13, 2008

Why: Because...

Lori's Blubberings - Boston!

I Can't Read! (Travel Photo Journal)

Photo by Christopher McKenzie

What's Our Word?

A few weeks before this production began, an announcement was made that the actors playing Bud and Doug were being switched, with Brendan McNab taking over the role of Bud and Austin Ku taking over for Doug. After seeing this show, it is easy to see why. While Brendan McNab excelled in this comedic forum, moving at a rapid pace and adding wacky idiosyncrasies to each of Bud's more eccentric characters, Austin Ku was a bit more… subtle. Thankfully, good direction helped balance the differences, and with some intricate choreography and odd sexual innuendo, the show held its own.

Grade: A-