The Production

Gutenberg! The Musical

November 10-20, 2011

Secret Theatre - Poco Space

44-02 23rd Street

Long Island City, NY 11101

Cast: Matt Swanston as Bud

Dalles Wilie as Doug

Directed by Ken Hailey

Production Photos

The Trip

Who: Lori, Jen, Danielle

What: One long day of Jim Henson Muppet Exhibits and Gutenberg

Where: Museum of the Moving Image

Secret Theatre

When: November 19, 2011

Why: Because when Gutenberg is in an adjacent borough... you go.

What's Our Word?

When you come into a theater and there are only five people in the audience and you only don't know two of them, and you've just been recognized as the creators of this website, there is a certain panic that comes over you that is hard to describe. If the show sucks, everyone's going to know you think it sucks. And we don't like people knowing when we think something sucks. We like to go back to this website and bash the show in the privacy of our respective homes.

Luckily, we did not have to worry long. This was an AMAZING production. Despite the small audience, Matt Swanston and Dalles Wilie came out like gangbusters and sustained an energy throughout that made every joke and musical number soar. Special kudos to Wilie whose superb physical comedy created one of the best Doug performances we have ever seen. Superb from start to finish.

Grade: A