The Production

Cleveland, OH

December 4, 2009-January 2, 2010

Dobama Theatre

2340 Lee Road

Cleveland, OH

Cast: Dane Castle as Bud

Chris Richards as Doug

Directed by Marc Moritz

What's the Word?

"...when it's all over, about 100 minutes after it commences, we're weakwith laughter and experience a rare feeling in musical-theater undertakings:We're not ready to say goodbye to good old Gutenberg. But goodbye we must say -- and thanks for all the books."

-Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Regardless of the cost, if you’re a lover of musical theater, here’s the quick verdict on Dobama Theatre’s regional premiere of Gutenberg! The Musical: See it. See it now, and maybe see it often."

-Spangle Magazine

"...if you appreciate some good, old-fashioned silliness, you’ll love it. Nothing is funnier than characters and jokes that are ostensibly dumb created and portrayed by smart, savvy people, and “Gutenberg” is that hands – and hats – down." -Cleveland Jewish News

The Trip

Who: Lori and Jen

What: A mind-blowing weekend of wow

Where: Ohio, Baby!

When: December 12, 2009

Why: Because Dobama is dope.

Lori's Blubberings - Cleveland!

I Can't Read (Travel Photo Journal)

What's Our Word?

Take a fantastic director, two incredibly skilled comedians, a kick-ass musician and a superbly talented set designer and you get this production of Gutenberg! The Musical! Before the show even began, Michael Roesch’s set, complete with framed photo of Andrew Lloyd Webber and decorative hat shelves set the tone for complete originality and Marc Moritz’s direction took that tone and ran with it. Favorite parts include the “almost kiss” between Bud and Doug, the dream sequence performance during “I Can’t Read,” and the hysterical fight between hats at the festival. Kudos to Dane Castle and Chris Richards for adding a younger frat boy feel to the show and to Richards for being the best regional Doug so far. Outstanding from start to finish. Our grade: A.