The Production

Ellenville, NY

July 17-August 9, 2009

Shadowland Theatre

157 Canal St.

Ellenville, NY

Cast: Matthew Hardy as Bud

Andy Rabensteine as Doug

Directed by Michael LaFleur

What's the Word?

"Michael LaFleur has directed the dynamic duowith fast pacing and comic timing. The numbers skip smoothly between witty narrative repartee. Pianist Philip Rainbow Hale keeps the keyboard scintillating and responsive to the antic tunes and lyrics." -Times Herald Record

Stop the Press!

Gutenberg's Travels Print Debut!

The Trip

Who: Lori and Jen

What: A star-studded Saturday

Where: Canal St.

When: August 8, 2009

Why: The fans

Lori's Blubberings - Catskills!

I Can't Read (Travel Photo Journal)

What's Our Word?

We had never heard of director, Michael LaFleur (Celine Dion – Las Vegas ) before this production, but after seeing what he did with Gutenberg! in Ellenville, we are now his biggest fans. Every part of this show not only included choreography and scene work that was completely unique, but each new addition was directly on point and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Chucking a Broadway contract at Bud and Doug from the mezzanine was the icing on the cake. Doug wiping his foot after stepping on hat feces – was the cake. Brilliant. Amazing. Top notch.

Our Grade: A- (Only downfall: slightly slower than usual tempos for each song)