You're Probably Wondering...


When referring to anything Gutenberg!-related, we much prefer the question, Why not? As fans of this show and of theater in general, seeing these different productions has not only given us the opportunity to visit never-before-seen cities, but also accommodate our crippling Gutenberg! addiction. It's a win-win all around.

Don't you people have lives?

Not really. This is pretty much it.

Does it ever get boring?

Nope. The great thing about Gutenberg! is that there are hundreds of different ways to interpret the script, so with different actors and directors each time, there's something new in every production. Performances of Gutenberg! are like snowflakes that way. No two are alike.

How much money have you spent on this show?

In New York we were fortunate enough to see every performance for free. We've since made up for that with over $2,000 in travel costs.

How do you find out about the different productions?

Google! With "Gutenberg! The Musical!" plugged into Google alerts, we get an email every time the show is mentioned online. If it's playing somewhere that's within driving distance or in a city worth visiting, we go.

What about other shows?

When not travelling in pursuit of Gutenberg! theater, our home base is New York City where we see every musical that opens on Broadway, in addition to numerous Broadway plays and Off-Broadway productions. Between us, we have probably seen over 500 shows - a number that gives us the natural ability to judge: Gutenberg! is the best.