A gal who’s no stranger to theater obsessions
(American Idiot, anyone?), Aimee has been a
vital part of the Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco
Gutenberg! field trips. When not vacationing, 
she sells retail in the fine state of New Jersey.


Lori's roommate and friend, Tricia allowed
herself to be dragged to the Off-Broadway
production of Gutenberg! in NYC; then
voluntarily dragged herself to the production
in Boston. An award-winning poet, she's a
sucker for any show that includes a joke about

A high school science teacher, Dana came
along for the Gutenberg! Chicago and San Francisco
trips, and teacher's schedule permitting, will return for
another trip soon. In her free time, Dana enjoys
Amy Winehouse music, dancing, theater,
and delicious, delicious alcohol.
A former co-worker of Lori's and current Seattle
resident, Daya joined the group for the Arts West
production of Gutenberg! She has not yet been
assaulted by the homeless.