The Production
Gutenberg! The Musical!
October 5-26, 2008

New Repertory Theatre
321 Arsenal St.
Watertown, MA

Cast: Brendan McNab as Bud
          Austin Ku as Doug

Directed by: Stephen Nachamie

What's the Word?
The world didn't exactly need "Gutenberg! The Musical." But now that we've got it, we can be grateful - especially in these grim days - for a show that just wants to make us laugh, and succeeds.    -Boston Globe

"So, with a lack of sharp wit, no transcendent song that offers a glimmer of talent and no moment that sheds some light on the human condition or even makes you empathize with Bud and Doug, "Gutenberg!" leaves us with a few jokes stretched on an overly long frame. That means that "Gutenberg!" doesn’t satirize bad musicals, it just emulates them."        -EDGE Boston

Stop the Press
Boston Globe
Daily News Tribune

The Trip
Who: Lori, Jen, and Tricia
What: A 3-day travel excursion
Where: The Red Roof Inn, Saugus, MA
When: October 11-13, 2008
Why: Because...

Lori's Retarded Blubberings - Boston!
I Can't Read! (Travel Photo Journal)

                       Photo by Christopher McKenzie