The Production
Gutenberg! The Musical!
June 10 - July 12, 2009

The Kitchen Theatre Company
116 North Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Cast: Karl Gregory as Bud
         Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Doug

Directed by: Rachel Lampert

What's the Word?
It's a dream cast and Lampert has staged them brilliantly - in all-out, high-energy, fast-paced mayhem (the guys sometimes wear six caps at once, switching between roles at lightning speed). Henderson embodies the noble but ill-fated Gutenberg, among other parts (like the much-abused Young Monk), and Gregory shines as the devilish Monk and a trio of Rats that honors "Avenue Q" by way of "Sesame Street."   -Ithaca Journal

Despite having very little respite, Gregory and Henderson lose no momentum through the many dance breaks and exhaustive character changes. The quality of the show and the nature of its affection toward its audience make it a splendid summer diversion and a fine conclusion to another season at the Kitchen.     
                                                 -Ithaca Times

  Photo by Dave Burbank

The Trip
Who: Lori and Jen
What: A 12-hour day of crazy
Where: A 2004 Ford Taurus
When: July 11, 2009
Why: Insanity
I Can't Read! (Travel Photo Journal)