The Historical Tale

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, two men named Scott Brown and Anthony King wrote a show called, Gutenberg! The Musical!, which they performed at The Upright Citizens Brigade, The New York Musical Theatre Festival and the Jermyn Street Theatre in London, England. After rousing responses and critical acclaim, they then gave their show to the world.
This is what followed...



          Photo by Joan Marcus

Miscellaneous Reviews
Talkin' Broadway
Curtain Up
Time Out NY

                   Photo by James Ambler
Nov. 21-Dec. 31, 2006
59E59 Theaters
59 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

January 16 - May 6, 2007
The Actors Playhouse
100 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY  

(January 16 - February 11, 2007)
Jeremy Shamos as Doug
(January 16 - April 1, 2007)
David Turner as Bud 
(February 13 - May 6, 2007)
(April 10 - May 6, 2007)  
Directed by: Alex Timbers  
What's the Word?
"Who knew that a musical about the life of the inventor of the printing press could have so many laughs? And while adding the theme of the Holocaust might not be historically accurate, I agree with Doug that it gave the show real gravitas."      
                                                              -NY Times  
"Theatergoers who don't relish shucked corn mixed with slices of ham may be advised to stay away; for those in the mood, though, "Gutenberg! The Musical!" is one hell of a goofy evening."  -Variety        


November 16 - December 30, 2007

Plan B Theatre Company
Studio Theatre
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
138 W. Broadway (300 South)
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Cast: Jay Perry as Bud          
         Kirt Bateman as Doug  

Musical staging by: Colleen Lewis  
Musical direction by: Jeffrey Price  

What's the Word?
"If the holiday stress is wearing you down, maybe what you need is a good laugh. Or, even better, a healthy dose of a barrel of laughs. Plan-B's regional premiere of Scott Brown and Anthony King's "Gutenberg! The Musical!" is laugh-out-loud hilarious."      -Deseret News      

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Deseret Morning News:
Best Comedy 2007

Salt Lake City Weekly Arty Awards:
Best Theatre Production 2008  

** Gutenberg! The Musical!'s Regional Premiere




 March 12 - April 19, 2008
Theatre Lab Houston
1706 Alamo Street
Houston, Texas 77007  
Cast: Dylan Godwin as Bud
          Josh Wright as Doug
Directed by: Linda Phenix
What's the Word?
"One of the dangers of a two-man show is that the two actors have no or little rapport, or that one predominates. That is not the case with Wright and Godwin who command the stage with equal presence; in fact, their chemistry is such that you feel they could almost become one."


March 21 - April 6, 2008

Washington, DC
Landless Theater Company
DC Arts Center (DCAC)
2438 18th St. NW
Washington, DC

Andrew Lloyd Baughman as Bud
Matt Baughman as Doug

Directed by John Sadowsky

What's the Word?
"The goofballs behind "Gutenberg! The Musical" make no bones about what they don't know regarding their biographical subject, but you have to smile at what they invent."               -Washington Post
"The frustration in reviewing a show like Gutenberg! The Musical! involves resisting the urge to ruin the joy of the show by describing some of the best jokes.   If you go, you will experience the highest ratio of laughs to ticket cost of any area show in recent years.  Gutenberg! The Musical! deserves both of the exclamation points in its title."                                  -DC Theatre Scene 

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Production Photos

  Photos by Amanda Williams Photography




June 11 - June 29, 2008
41 CrossStreet
Hudson, NY

David Tass Rodriguez as Bud
Billy Kimmel as Doug

Directed by: Laura Margolis
What's the Word?
“Tuna” and “Vep” work in part because the script demands the energy level remain manic. ”Gutenberg!” doesn’t make that demand, and when the actors mock, with tongue in cheek, other musicals (like, oh, “West Side Story” and “Oklahoma”) for falling apart after intermission they come dangerously close to describing their own show."

Kimmel and Rodriguez are clown princes who never condescend. Their Doug & Bud sing the various roles with passion, overact the drama, out-Fosse Fosse, and all with a sweet and daffy sincerity. Brilliant performances.
                                                     -Daily Gazette


Production Photos



June 19 - July 27, 2008

Royal George Theater
1641 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60614-5517

Breon Bliss as Bud
Alex Goodrich as Doug

Directed by: Alex Timbers

What's the Word?
"As Goodrich and Bliss perform their addle-brained but exuberant Bad Idea musical, you’ll find yourself enjoying its high camp and adherence to classical form.     -Time Out Chicago

"On Wednesday night's opening, Bliss and Goodrich struck me as overly nervous at first. But they got more comfortable and credible later in the evening and thus the show got belatedly funnier. To a point. This is a bare-bones production of a bare-bones production. It still needs stripping down to get to the comedic truth." 
                                                - Chicago Tribune



                      Photos by Aaron Fisher

July 11-27, 2008

July 8-26, 2009
Amphibian Stage Productions
2429 Colonial Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Sanders Theatre
Fort Worth Community Arts Theatre
Stephen Balantzian as Bud
JP Matthews as Doug 
Directed by David A. Miller (2008)
What's the Word?
"In the first act, you sometimes wish you were at a real
musical. Fortunately, the second comes through with three really memorable numbers. The tunes are still pretty basic, but the execrable lyrics, rendered perfectly by the two performers, you won't forget – no matter how hard you try."
 -Dallas Morning News (2008)
"What makes this all so hysterical is that Doug and Bud are as earnest as they are clueless. Their sincerity makes you want to reach for your checkbook despite the evidence the two so energetically build against their own case."
                           - Star Telegram



August 1-10, 2008
Fourfront Theatre Company
Southern Repertory Theatre

June 21-28, 2010
Theatre 13 Productions
Cabaret Le Chat Noir
715 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA

Cast: Sean Patterson as Bud 
           Gary Rucker as Doug

Directed by: Sean Patterson and Gary Rucker
What's the Word?
"While this childish concept of creating a life complete with romance and sophomoric references to the muddy mediaeval period of history when Guttenberg was alive was a good as the plot for many another more successful show, the creators with a little more imagination could have supplied much more interesting material than a running joke about thatched roofed."
     -Ambush Magazine 
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The Times-Picayune

            Photos by Marc Fouchi



 Photos by Erik Stu


September 3-27, 2008

Strawberry Theatre Workshop 
Erickson Theatre
1524 Harvard Ave.
Seattle Central Community College
Seattle, WA 98122

MJ Sieber as Bud
Troy Fischnaller as Doug

Directed by: Greg Carter
What's the Word?
"We laughed like a booze-addled hyena for much of the night, with some startled expletives thrown in when things got...strange (we can't remember the precise lyric, but it had something to do with wanting to feel Satan's horns deep inside). After, we traded memorable quotes ("dirty thatch"!) with our companion all the way home."




 September 4-14, 2008  

Wide Eyed Production
Granville Island Stage  

Ken Lawson as Bud
Nathan Clark as Doug

Directed by: Brian Anderson

What's the Word?
"In this show timing is everything, and Clark and Lawson never miss a beat – or rather – know when to take a beat, and let the comedy work. A good Fringe show pulls you into its big warm bosum and smothers you with heart – these guys, along with pianist Matt Grinke (who’s awesome), ace it."




Photo by Michael Eaddy

September 5-28, 2008

Hippodrome State Theater
25 SE 2nd Place
Gainesville, FL 32601

Cast: Jay Perry* as Bud
         Kirt Bateman* as Doug
*reprising roles from Salt Lake City
Directed by: Lauren Caldwell

What's the Word?
"What makes the show work so well is the acting of Kirt Bateman as Doug and Jay Perry as Bud. The two are totally involved in their roles as creators of musical comedy. They are humble and corny, but it's the kind of innocent, heartfelt corniness that makes you want to root for them. They are so genuinely thrilled with what they've written, they barely can contain their excitement. They make us laugh at them but, at the same time, we care about them, idiot savants or foolish blockheads though they may be."             -

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Production Photos



 October 5-26, 2008

New Repertory Theatre
321 Arsenal St.
Watertown, MA

Cast: Brendan McNab as Bud
          Austin Ku as Doug

Directed by: Stephen Nachamie

What's the Word?
The world didn't exactly need "Gutenberg! The Musical." But now that we've got it, we can be grateful - especially in these grim days - for a show that just wants to make us laugh, and succeeds.  -Boston Globe

"Gutenberg!" doesn’t satirize bad musicals, it just emulates them.     - "EDGE Boston

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Boston Globe
Daily News Tribune



December 2008  

Actors Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre
280 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Francisco (Pancho) Padura as Bud         
Wayne LeGette as Doug  

Directed by: David Arisco

What's the Word?
"The characters of Bud and Doug are written as goofy and lovable nerds. They tell bad jokes and perform silly choreography, but what they lack in polish and experience they compensate for with heart.  True to their characters, Wayne LeGette as Doug and Francisco (Pancho) Padura as Bud sing, dance and act this show with all of their heart and talent."           -Talkin' Broadway


Production Photos




Honolulu, HI
January 14 - February 15, 2009  

Manoa Valley Theatre                
2833 East Manoa Road  
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
Tony Young as Doug
Elitei Tatafu Jr. as Bud  
Directed by: Rob Duval
What's the Word?
"First and foremost, "Gutenberg" is a tour de force showcase for Young's and Tatafu's talents as actors, singers and dancers. The men are on stage for the entire 95-minute show, and they spend almost all of it in go-for-broke mode. Watching them switch from one character to another using nothing but their voices, body language, and a collection of baseball caps to distinguish one German from another is fascinating and entertaining theater."
                                                     -Star Bulletin

                                    Photo by Malia Leinau

Production Photos       Poster




February 17-21, 2009
July 14-25, 2009
Cast: David Somerville as Bud
        Simon Van Der Stap as Doug 
Directed by Neil Gooding

Official Site:
Gutenberg! The Musical!

Production Photos



February 26-28, March 1, 5-8, 2009

Towle Community Theatre
5205 Hohman Avenue
Hammond, IN 46320

Cast: Bill Danko as Bud
         Tom Farley as Doug

Directed by: John E. Buranosky

Stop the Press
"Gutenberg!" not only is the smallest show cast-wise for Danko and Farley (the duo are backed musically by Brandon Magid), it's also one of the funniest."
                                                         -NWI Times

Production Photos






March 26-27, 2009

Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts Little Theater
12901 Fifteen Mile Road        

Sterling Heights, MI

Cast: Scott Joy as Bud
     Grant Haralson as Doug

Directed by Scott Joy and Grant Haralson

What's the Word?
"We first heard about Gutenberg through one of the theatre directors at our high school. He recently attended a conference with other teachers around the state and Samuel French was there with a little stand set up for new releases. He was flipping through Gutenberg and thought the concept was hysterical so he bought it and read it. He thought that Grant and I would be great at this (we're known as the musical theatre dorks of the program, with enthusiasm similar to Bud and Doug's) and he knew that we were looking for something to put together for our black box. Well he proposed it, we read it, we loved it, and though we
hadn't seen it before we could visualize it. We decided that we'd license it and start rehearsing in a couple weeks since we were wrapping up college auditions. I played Bud and Grant played Doug and we started putting it together ourselves. We were our own directors/choreographers and really put the show together by spitballing ideas off of each other. We had a total of four or five outside music rehearsals with Stacy (our Charles) to learn the whole score. And until dress rehearsal when Stacy and our theatre director
saw it, no one had seen it. We put the show up over the course of a month. We opened, played two performances (that's the norm for our school), and it was a huge hit. When I go back to visit almost a year
later I'll still hear people humming "I Can't Read" under their breath."  - Scott Joy (Bud)




April 15 - May 17, 2009

4711 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

Cast: Chris Shea as Doug
           Evan Woltz as Bud
Directed by: Stephanie Farhood

What's the Word?
"We can't remember what the filler songs "Haunted German Wood" or "Biscuits" were about, except that they were funny--mainly due to the ambitious performances of Shea and Woltz. They sweat their asses off in this under-two-hour show and do a hell of job a remembering who they are each supposed to be under those hats."

Production Photos



 June 10 - July 12, 2009

The Kitchen Theatre Company
116 North Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Cast: Karl Gregory as Bud
         Tyrone Mitchell Henderson as Doug

Directed by: Rachel Lampert

What's the Word?
It's a dream cast and Lampert has staged them brilliantly - in all-out, high-energy, fast-paced mayhem (the guys sometimes wear six caps at once, switching between roles at lightning speed). Henderson embodies the noble but ill-fated Gutenberg, among other parts (like the much-abused Young Monk), and Gregory shines as the devilish Monk and a trio of Rats that honors "Avenue Q" by way of "Sesame Street."
                                              -Ithaca Journal             

Despite having very little respite, Gregory and Henderson lose no momentum through the many dance breaks and exhaustive character changes. The quality of the show and the nature of its affection toward its audience make it a splendid summer diversion and a fine conclusion to another season at the Kitchen.
                                                          -Ithaca Times


July 16-August 2, 2009

South Carolina Repertory Company
136 Beach City Road,
Hilton Head Island, SC

Cast: Jim Stark as Bud
         Matt Mundy as Doug
Directed by Peggy Trecker White

Musical Direction by Janice Creech

What's the Word?
"Not too many musicals are deserving oftwoexclamation points in their titles, but “Gutenberg! The Musical!” has proved that even a musical about the life of the inventor of the printing press can be hilarious."  -Beaufort Gazette

"If you are seeking comedic relief, this show will be on
stage through Aug. 2. It’s a genuine hoot and really is
just plain silly fun."              -Bluffton Today

Production Photos


 July 17-August 9, 2009
Production Photos

Shadowland Theatre
157 Canal St.
Ellenville, NY

Cast: Matthew Hardy as Bud
         Andy Rabensteine as Doug

Directed by Michael LaFleur

What's the Word?
"Michael LaFleur has directed the dynamic duowith fast pacing and comic timing. The numbers skip smoothly between witty narrative repartee. Pianist Philip Rainbow Hale keeps the keyboard scintillating and responsive to the antic tunes and lyrics."
                                            -Times Herald Record
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Photo by Lawrence Raybon

September 15-27, 2009
The Jane Reid-Petty Theatre Center
1100 Carlisle St.
Jackson, MS 39202
Cast: Danny Dauphin as Bud
           Turner Crumbley as Doug
Directed by Peppy Biddy
What's the Word?
"The minimal set and props (the highlights are a couple of cardboard boxes and a stuffed cat) only serve to showcase Danny Dauphin's and Turner Crumbley's brilliant comedic timing. Normally, theatre fans would want to avoid an awkward, low-budget production, but seeing this play is more than worth the price of admission." 
                                              -Jackson Free Press



December 4, 2009 - January 2, 2010

Dobama Theater
2340 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Cast: Dane Castle as Bud
         Chris Richards as Doug

Directed by Marc Moritz

What's the Word?
"...when it's all over, about 100 minutes after it commences, we're weakwith laughter and experience a rare feeling in musical-theater undertakings:We're not ready to say goodbye to good old Gutenberg. But goodbye we must say -- and thanks for all the books."
                                        -Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Regardless of the cost, if you’re a lover of musical theater, here’s the quick verdict on Dobama Theatre’s regional premiere of Gutenberg! The Musical: See it. See it now, and maybe see it often."
Spangle Magazine

Production Photos               Poster




March 11-28-1010

Ivory Theater
7620 Michigan Ave
St. Louis, MO 63111

Cast: Steve Isom as Doug
         Ben Nordstrom as Bud

Directed by Henry Palkes

What's the Word?
"As Doug and Bud, the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of musical theater, Steve Isom and Ben Nordstrom are a constant delight"        - River Front Times

"They're both sharp when it comes to the witty dances choreographed by Ellen Isom, Steve Isom's wife. A Tyrolean number with lots of foot-slapping looks close to plausible, and their brief homage to "A Chorus Line" is too funny for words."       - St. Louis Today

Production Photos




March 25 - April 4, 2010

Cabaret Space, Temple of Music and Art
330 S. Scott Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701

Cast: Jacob Brown as Bud
         Jay C. Cotner as Doug

Directed by Annette Hillman

What's the Word?
Gutenberg! The Musical! knows exactly what it is—and isn't. Totally true to its creators' intentions, it is wacky, sweet, creative and silly. It's about as far from "serious"
theater as you can get; it's seriously funny."
                                               - Tuscon Weekly

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Arizona Daily Star

Production Photos



 June 10-26, 2010

Beards Beards Beards
The Exit Stage Left
156 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Cast: Joey Price as Bud
         Austin Ferris as Doug
Directed by Amanda Dolan

What's the Word?
"...suffice it to say, this thing is funny, and it will make an impression on you (with a printing press, get it?!)."
     -San Francisco Bay Guardian



 June 10-12, 2010

HUB-BUB at The Showroom
200 East St. John Street
Spartanburg, SC, 29306

Cast: Jay Coffman
         Matt Giles

Directed by Jay Coffman and Matt Giles

What's the Word?
"What do you get when you add two guys, two dozen baseball caps, two cardboard boxes, a stuffed cat and a few more odds and ends? One hilarious musical comedy show!"

"As the show came to a close, the final song saw Bud and Doug declaring that “though the emptiness within us may be deep – we eat dreams.” I found this to be an interesting reflection on Broadway in general, a warning almost. Playwrights and musicians must beware of creating empty characters that seek to do nothing but promote themselves and their empty lives by “eating dreams” and then defecating them onto the stage. It seemed a grave message for such a silly show, but maybe that’s what I enjoyed about it."                                  -Spartanburg Spark


Production Photos


Vancouver, CANADA

 September 22 - October 9, 2010

Presentation House Theater
333 Chesterfield Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7M 3G9

Cast: Toby Berner as Bud
         Nathan Clark as Doug

Directed by Brian Anderson

What's the Word?
"Gutenberg! The Musical! is silly. It might send you googling to get the real Johann Gutenberg factoids, slim as they are, and you'll go a long way to beat a song that includes, "Gutenberg/darn tootin'berg."
                       -Vancouver Courier

"Go play inside. As the season changes, Gutenberg! The Musical! is an excellent reminder of the fun to be had indoors."

Production Photos


October 21 - November 6, 2010
Lamb Theater
417 Market Street
Sioux City, IA
Cast: Reed Saunders as Bud
         Luke Saunders as Doug
Directed by Russ Wooley
What's the Word?
Who knew a musical about the inventor of the printing press could be comical?